From the close collaboration between the customer and the MUP staff, real “unique” masterpieces were born and many more will be born.

MUP provides a “turnkey service” that includes understanding the customer’s need, studying the solution, designing and then implementing the special tool, so some basic information contained in a and detailed technical drawings to help you complete the view of the features of the “piece” to be worked on. Of course, MUP guarantees maximum confidentiality on any information provided.

The design staff then processes the “solution” that will be submitted to the customer accompanied by the parameters useful to a correct evaluation of the tool. The approval of the design papers and the consequent confirmation of the order will then start production.

Each “special MUP” tool is provided with a certificate that attests to its quality, optimal usage parameters and machine time required to produce the “piece” obtained during testing. The MUP database retains all the “special” details associated with the “Customer” company so that it can be replayed on demand in an average time of 30 days.


On request, various types of coating are carried out (Tin, Ticn, Tialn, etc.)
We perform the regeneration service on the entire range of products
Our Specialist Technicians are available to perform a free performance for the evaluation of the works
We provide free quotes
Delivery times
We give punctuality a major role, which is why we focus a lot on the timeliness of deliveries
We issue the test certificate attached to the tool

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