Our History

MUP Srl was born in 1991 and in few years ranked a leading position in the Italian industry of precision engineering.

MUP Srl produces precision tools for the oleodynamics, military, racing, automotive, valves and taps, molds and food industries.

The target market is the Italian market, but exports to Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, India, China and the US and Russia are now well established.

MUP Srl works mainly on customized projects to provide a turnkey service and offers also the manufacturing of lapping tools.

The core of the success of MUP Srl is based on the Made in Italy value. This success is a direct result of high quality standards of the products and a constant commitment to the research and technological innovation.

The well-established chain of production processes guarantees excellence that, accompanied by the filter of the department of choice and quality control, ensures a perfect result including a certificate of testing.

Customer satisfaction has always been the primary goal of the company, which guarantees its customers reliable and technically cutting-edge products, supported by a qualified and timely pre and post-sales service.


Customer satisfaction has always been the primary goal of the company that has never ceased to look for the best possible quality in materials,processing techniques and pre and after-sales service .

We always look for quality in every management, design and production choice.

When a customer has a way to try a MUP tool, it no longer changes.

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