Thanks to the close collaboration between the customer and the staff of MUP real masterpieces are born,they’re “unique” and we will create many other. MUP provides a “turnkey service” that provides an understanding of the needs of the customer, the study of the solution, the construction project and therefore the creation of the special tool, then you need some basic information contained in a form and drawings detailed technical useful for the complete view of the characteristics of the “piece” to work with.
Of course MUP guarantees the confidentiality of any information provided. The design team then processes the “solution” that will be submitted to the customer together with the parameters needed for a proper evaluation of the tool. The approval of the design and the subsequent confirmation of the order will then start production. Each tool “special MUP” comes with a certificate attesting to the quality, the optimum operating parameters and machining time necessary for the production of the “piece” obtained during test.
The database MUP preserves all the details of the “special” associated company “customer” in order to allow playback of future demand in an average time of 30 days.

On request we have various types of coating (TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, etc. ..)

We perform a remoulding service over the whole range of products

Our Technicians are available to perform a free control for the evaluation of work

We provide free estimates

For us the punctuality has a role of primary importance, this is the reason why we place great emphasis on the timeliness of deliveries.

We Release the test certificate attached to the tool