The well-established chain of production processes ensures excellence that accompanied the filter of choice and quality control department ensures a perfect result.


Mup mission has always been considered a timely delivery of orders and on time. We are also able to program in a very short time a new cycle of production also allowing treatment of emergency situations.


Customer satisfaction has always been the primary objective of the company that has never stopped searching for the best possible quality in materials, manufacturing techniques and service of pre-and post-sales.

There isn’t a good mechanical product without a good tool to achieve it.

We are always looking for quality in every choice of management, design and production.

Each request is a challenge and the more difficult is to resolve the solution the more rewarding is the result.

When a customer tries MUP he doesn’t change any more.

Precision, production capacity and durability make it a valuable tool which is worth more than its cost. Comparison test between tools of various manufacturers conducted on the main parameters that characterize the quality allow insertion demonstrate that the products MUP are always winning.


Innovation is one of the prerogatives that MUP offers its clients and the range of products are also cutting-edge tools made ​​from ceramic materials to overheating practically zero.